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Five James Bond guns stolen from north London property

One of the stolen deactivated firearms was the Walther PPK - the last gun used by Roger Moore in A View to a Kill.

One of the five firearms stolen at the Enfield property. Pic: Met Police

Police are appealing for information after five deactivated guns used in James Bond movies were stolen from a property in north London.

Officers were called to a property in Aldersbrook Avenue in Enfield at around 8pm on Monday to a report of a burglary.

The suspects fled the scene before officers arrived after being disturbed by neighbours, who described the intruders as three white males with Eastern European accents.

It is believed the suspects forced entry into the rear of the premises and stole five firearms used in James Bond films, estimated to be worth more than £100,000.

Beretta "Cheetah" and Beretta "Tomcat" pistols from Die Another Day and the Walther PPK handgun used in A View to a Kill were reported to have been taken.

The other stolen weapons are understood to be a Revolver Smith and Wesson 44 Magnum featured in Live and Let Die and a Llama 22 calibre handgun from Die Another Day.

The release date for new James Bond film No Time To Die has been pushed back seven months due to coronavirus.

The film, which will featureDaniel Craigin his final outing as 007, was set to be released in UK cinemas from 2 April. It will now come out in November.

Detective Inspector Paul Ridley, of North Area Crime Investigation Department (CID) said: "The firearms stolen are very distinctive and bespoke to particular James Bond movies. They will almost certainly be recognised by the public and to anyone offered them for sale.

"Many of these items are irreplaceable. For example, the Magnum is the only one in the world ever made in which the whole gun is finished in chrome. It has a six and a half inch barrel and wood grips.

He added that the Walther PPK was the last gun used by Roger Moore in A View to a Kill.

"The owner is very upset that his address has been violated and he truly hopes to be re-united with these highly collectable items," he said.

"I would urge any members of the public that may have witnessed the burglars arriving and leaving, or who know where the firearms are, or may have been offered these stolen items for sale, to come forward to my investigation team as a priority."

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