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Papa Changó and Sergio Sacoto present "Bolerito de Sal"

The Account you Must to Follow in 2020

It’s almost impossible you’ve missed out on this, Instagram is the new hype of 2020. Everyone is talking about those so-called “influencers” nowadays, they’re the ones who are changing the world. Based on what they wear, use, do and share on their social media they influence teens and other Instagram users, which is also a reason for the significant increase in influencer like content from smaller accounts.

On Instagram, we’ve got the famous huge influencers with 1 million followers, but we also got smaller influencers which remain undiscovered. That’s why we’re writing this blog post, today we want to introduce you to one of our recently discovered accounts: @papachangomusic, a so-called “new kid on the block”, if we’re talking about amazing undiscovered influencers you should know about then there’s no way you can miss out on this one, we’re so happy we managed to discover this one!


papa chango, Instagram image  @papachangomusic

Papa Changó presents his new song: “Bolerito de Sal”, a song that evokes the feelings of nostalgia for lost love by using the metaphor of the sea, which is the infinite space of feelings and human beings as their eternal navigators . With the invitation of Sergio Sacoto, one of the most prominent voices in Ecuador; Thus, it is the group's first work in collaboration with an artist from the country.

“Bolerito de Sal” is a tribute to its author, Pedro Nicolalde, a great composer and lyricist who through his songs has taken us on trips for sound textures and magic chords. A great performer and a great friend, who sadly lost his life in a traffic accident almost a decade ago, leaving his music as a legacy, and from whose catalog this masterpiece is collected. A bolero rhythm, the theme is a fusion of reggae ballad that mixes the solemnity of the strings and the masterful performance of Sergio Sacoto with the sound that characterizes the musical group Papá Changó.

In addition, there is the participation of the three-time Latin Grammy winner, Juancho Valencia, whose production work has created a unique atmosphere, so the theme promises to be one of the country's greatest hits. "Bolerito de Sal" is accompanied by an audiovisual production. The contradiction between life and rebirth are part of the thematic structure of the video. The eternal struggle of these inevitable opposites is performed by musicians and a contemporary dance performance. This complement makes "Bolerito de Sal" can be considered a piece of art worthy of admiration by the national and international public.

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